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DeKalb CUSD 428 > Schools > Huntley Middle School > Staff

Staff Documents and Information


NOTE:  If you have difficulty linking to the email of an District 428 employee using a hyperlink, it is most likey due to the fact that you are using a "non-POP2" email client.  To resolve the issue, you will need to follow the steps below:

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 Huntley Middle School Staff Email

Latricia Dawkins, Principal

Lori Diedrich, Secretary
Carolyn Hauser, Secretary
Maria Milan, Secretary 

Terri Adams, Instructional Aide
Lizette Anderson, Instructional Aide
Andrea Ball, Instructional Aide
Becky Banta, 6th Grade Intensive
Kathleen Baraglia, 7th Language Arts

Mark Barwegen, Encore/Art
Brittney Bauer, Social Studies/LA
Gale Blanchard, SOAL Program
Jeanine Brackman, Instructiona Aide
Michelle Brandeis, Instructional Aide
Terence Brown, Social Studies / LA
Francisca Carrillo, Instructional Aide
Cynthia Chomicz, Psychologist
Kari Colvin, 6th Math
Jonathon Colvin, PE
Cari Conroy, Instrustional Aide
Steve Coughenour, Instructional Aide
Dale Cozort, Instructional Aide
Ken Dargatz, 7th Math

Peggy Dlabal, Special Services
Lori Eames, Encore/Health 
Carrie Engstrom, ELL
Tina Farmer, Custodian
Sara Ann Feken, 6th Social Studies/Lang. Arts
Karissa Foelske, Intensive
Angie Frye, Health Assistant
Shawna Garcia, ELL
Cindy Gasser, Media Specialist
Allen Gehant, Instructional Aide
Deborah Geiger, 7th Grade/6 Black Counselor
Courtney Gleason, Science
Todd Hallaron, 8th Science
Carla Hanson, Instructional Aide
Christina Harrison, Head Custodian
Jennifer Harrison, 6th Language Arts
Katie Hay, 7th Science/SS
Francisca Heuramo, HSL
Billy Hueramo, ELL
Mary Beth Jarvis, Reading
Jose Jacques, School Resource Officer 
Pat Kiley, PE

Kary Landon, Intensive
Donna Larson, 8th Grade Resource
Shawn LaPlante, 8th Math 
Joan Lasken, Instructional Aide

Kathryn Lehuta, 8th Math
Jennie Lindquist, Special Services
Allison Liska, Orchestra
Karen Lubbers, 8th Lang. Arts
Kendra Lucas, 7th Science
Angela Martin, 6th Science 
Diane Martin, Instructional Aide
Ashley Martinez, Social Worker
Becky Mascal, 6th Math

Liz McKee, Special Ed., Res. 7th
Susan Merritt, 7th Math/SS
Kimberly Moorman, Encore/6th-8th Music/Choral
John Morel, Individual Assistant
Maria Ocasio, Instructional Assistant
Josh Near, Instrucional Assistant
Jan Nelson, 8th Language Arts
Jamil Nichols, 6th Language Arts
Virginia Omerod, 8th Grade/ 6 Orange Counselor
Teresa Petersen, Instructional Aide
Carolyn Peregrine, Security Assistant
John Petras, 7th Social Studies/Language Arts
Sean Potts, Band 
Lisa Potsic, 7th Special Education
Angela Pringnitz, 8th/7th Special Education
Julie Rogers, Instructional Aide
David Rohlman, 8th Social Studies
Marty Sanders, PE
Renee Shukis, 6th Science/Social Studies
Gail Smith, 7th Grade Program Aide

Kira Stewart, 7th Language Arts
Rob Tiggelaar, Encore/Computer
Alicia Tobin, 6th Grade Resource

Pat Vollstedt, Speech Pathologist
Susan Voss, Nurse 
Deb Ward, PE
Valerie Weber, HSL
Tyrone Williams, Instructional Aide
Becky Wolfe, Instructional Aide
Kelly Wuchte, Soal Teacher

  DeKalb School District 428 Dr. James Briscoe, Superintendent 901 S. 4th St. De Kalb, IL. 60115 (815) 754-2350 En Espanol (815) 754-2102 fax (815) 758-6933
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